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My book is available on over 25,000 book retailer's sites.

What the book is about:

     A man in Dallas Texas is repeatedly having a dream about an ancient book in a cave. He is convinced that the Pope is supposed to be told to open this book. The problem is that he is a Southern Baptist. His wife contacts a friend who is a Catholic priest for help. While in his office, he uses a Vatican search engine to look for this book by name. He gets a message that says, 'Possible Match in the secured section.'  This inquiry sets off a series of 'Who Knows? What do they know? How do they know?' Not only DOES the book exist, the Church has had it for over 85 years and keep it quiet. They can't get near it. They can't touch it. They can't open it. They can't read the writing on the cover of it. But this Texan can! They want to know why?

     My intent is that this be the first book of a three book series; however, I am not certain when I will do this.  I have the material for both, but am choosing to write several other one book stories first.

Available Formats:

     Hard Back - 6 x 9 with Dust Jacket

     Soft Back - 6 x 9

     Ebook - Kindle, Nook, and all other Ebook readers.