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Here is the sequence of books I have scheduled to write:

1. "The Thousand Year Man - The Shroud" - the second book of this trilogy. This book fills in more of the gap as to who the 'Thousand Year Man' is and what his purpose is. It then sets the stage for the final book (3rd book) which ties it all together and will most Definitely Surprise you.

2. "The Thousand Year Man - Earth to Heaven" - the third (and final) book of this trilogy.  This book ties up all the loose ends and will make a rather bold statement about many of MAN's basic beliefs.

3. "The Beach Builder" - not sure how to classify this one. It is a story that covers being forced to survive on ones own. Then others are inserted into the same environment and the usual strains of forming human interactions will come to play. This one will be fun to write! Of course, they all are.

4. "Sunit1 - Things your Dad never told you" - is a suspense/action story that shows you really only know what your parents want you to know about their past. I am really looking forward to writing this one. Though both my parents have passed, I am still finding out amazing things about them both. I think everyone could find out such things about their own parents, if they were lucky enough to stumble onto the information.

5. "The Russian Script" - is a thriller. It will take an average man and woman, place him in a very intriguing but dangerous situation. This will ultimately pull in the woman to the same dangerous situation and place even more stress on man (who is the main character). I am going to draw on my experiences from when I lived and worked in Russia for 2 years. It should give me the ability to make the story seem more real.

6. No name yet, and no plot - but I know I want to write a comedy. I've heard it said, "Death is easy, Comedy is hard." Not sure who said it or if that is completely correct, but I think the meaning will hold true. This will probably be the hardest one to write. But I have to try!

7. I am actively writing this one now>>> writing 'Baby Fade' - Is a mystery / drama - This one is about a family that has a son / brother that disappears at the time of his sister giving birth to her first child. Then, later in life, when that child has grown and become a lawyer, she is suddenly pulled into a string of events that could bring closure for the entire family as to what happened to her mother's brother.

8. I am also actively writing this one now>>> 'Bow' - which is also a mystery / drama - This one is about a man, who goes to a beautiful well known park in a large city. There he sets in motion what eventually becomes a national event. Just because he decided to stand.